1 + 1 = 2


[get organized + kem i love islam 2 = 2 events]

yosh..just came home from hearing a talk titled (1) 'get organized'..
so without further ado here's my list (its short because i'm suddenly sleepy right now)..

[ ] finish updating this post (its been a draft for quite a while~ cause: tangguhtangguh + malas nak upload gambar ~ tapi nak wat gak, hehe)

[ ] wash my bag (better do this early in the morning)

[ ] clean house + room and all the usual stuff yadayadayada..

[ ] renew my driving license..i say, dah lama dah lesenku mati

[ ] get some shut eye....zzzzzzzzzzz

before i go further here's one of the vids shown during the talk..

moving on, lets keep everything short and sweet...

(2) kem i love islam siri 2 (21,22,23 December 09)

day 1
~ the kids went creative and did some animal origami's + baked kek batik and also made some delicious looking chocolate cornflake tit-bits.

gambar x banyak. reason: i was'nt officially a facilitator today or to be exact i wasn't even around. reason: baru sampai JB yesturday. reason: urgh..I've got to stop giving reasons..

day 2 ~ they listened to a talk (not quite sure what the title is though) + played a crossword puzzle + became temporary actors or singers

day 3 ~ the trip..destination: pelabuhan tanjung pelepas + kota iskandar + a park located in mutiara rini (huhu,sorry park..i have absolutely no idea what your name is)

apeape pon this siri wasn't as tiring as the first (yg first memang terus collapse bila sampai rumah + nampak katil :P) ~ tp yg pasti mereka semakin nakal! (hum..mungkin dah tahu kakak ni x garang..hehehe,yeye je..x tunjuk taring coz bukan adik sendiri, but there where certain times when we needed to be a little harsh on them i.e bus nak berundur, merekamereka semua pulak berlarilari + berebutrebut untuk naik bus dulu..ayoyo..geramnye..(sabar hafsah sabar!!)...and also the time when they kept on playing + climbing although it had started to rain heavily.. oops..this is getting quite long..so i should S.T.O.P..stop, period.

now for the pictures ~ warning! there where too many pictures taken..so i had to pick several only (jenuhla nak upload kalau nak upload sume) ~ i took too many, terkejut dibuatnya when i saw the number of shots taken while transferring the pictures to kak yati's laptop..total number? 444 shots on day 3

yosh...dah siap..so finally i can check this out..

[ / ] finish updating this post ~ yup, done..done!

~shuts down computer and goes to sleep...nite

p/s: thanks lots zainab for taking some pictures :)