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yosh..update.. update, iluvislam magazine is finally out!

here's the online softcopy version, its not up for downloading but still you can read it and print it


(p/s you can click and drag the pages, they turn like real pages!)

so here's Januaries issue.. Click..ClicK


last Saturday..

rehlah fi...

~for those who have to squirt to see, it says: taman pertanian Malaysia,bukit cahaya

ok, its my first time here..so i was eager to explore everywhere..
i became tired (i choose the bike over the bus ride :) ), but still im glad i choose the bike (lama x naik..yg ada kat rumah dah lama pancit,and is a little small for me now :P)..
and was also disappointed~ there wasn't any mushrooms! where it says that there is!..and i didn't get to go to many places!~the orchid area! the rempah ratus!..flying fox!, and kayak! just to name a few..all due to the lack of time (note to self: go in the morning next time, ne..)

it costs RM3.oo per entry ~ the fee for the four season house was also RM3.oo, the bike?~ RM5.oo for the new ones and RM3.oo for the rusted ones (note: RM1.oo will be charged for additional hours added)

~my red bike,new?..urm..what do you think?

~the map: really do wish i could explore everywhere

~new housemates + old housemate + new friends

entered the 4 season house..it was currently winter there..

~tiny snowman with a funny nose..i should have advised them to replace it with a carrot

the temperature in the house was cold..but it just doesn't feel exactly as the temperature overseas, well it is human made, so who am i to complain..the temperature is the result of air conditioners~duh!~*whacks self* x kanlah salji turun kat sini..hujan air batu adalah

hafsah: x puas hati!x dpt bermain dgn snow! + x puas hati, as the wallpaper which was showing a white scenery is pealing off (really they really should give more proper maintenance to this place!!)

~~ate ABC after that..and now am suffering from it! *coughs* *coughs*



after dragged to shop..
after helping in the kitchen after retuning home from dropping..
after setting of to join something, somewhere after cooking ..

so basically today was tiring..everything happened on the spot whereby no plans had been made previously..
didn't plan to go shopping..
never expected that my uncle (ayah su) would suddenly drop by..
didn't know that ngah friends where so eager to join the something (she didn't even react and say anything when i mentioned the matter previously~talk about peer influence!)


~~at jusco

..1st stop MPh, next..staright to the shoe department. aim: to buy a new pair of shoes for an ex-SPM candidate before she goes to jawa

~~more than 1 hour later: still at the shoe department

~~some time after that(it seemed like ages!)

still there. almost succeeded in buying a pair when suddenly the soon to be shoe owner said that she really wanted that one which wasn't on sale.. the kind hearted sales promoter out of no where uttered that those kinds of shoes are going to be on sale tonight due to the new year celebration. end result: no shoe bought :(

~~home, sweet home

after balik dr shopping...ayah su who today suddenly decided to come to jb to buy a music instrument stopped by..time salam ayah su tetibe cakap "hafsah, kenal tak?" sambil tunjuktunjuk dan mengalihkan pandangan ke kawannya..i looked, and unfortunately his friend at that time looked up too, so i smiled at ayah su and anggokanggok kepala..*dush* realitinya dalam minda n hati berfikir dan tertanyatanya siapakah? (ini dilakukan sematamata untuk tidak mengecilkan hati sesiapa..)..proses pemikiran dan soalmenyoal adikadik diadakan didapur tempat pertemuan chefchef..siapakah?kawan dari kumpulan nasyid apakah??suddenly hanan spoke...

hanan (ngah) : oh ngah pernah nampak dia kat tv, dia ahli kumpulan faiz...
me: kumpulan apa?
hanan: ala..kumpulam faiz
me: ???

~~andaikan dah habis masak

me: (still tengah pikir + gets ready to go somewhere)..

~~dalam kereta

me: ish..siapa kawan ayahsu tu?!faiz?faiz?!kumpulan baru kot..banyak sangat kumpulan baru..kenapa lah ayahsu tanya kat kakak?
hanan : sbb dia ingatkan kakak tahu..kakak kan peminat nasyid..
me: ?!?!?...*thinks some more*....kumpulan far east pernah la dengar..faiz x pernah..
hanan:ye lah..dia kmpulan far east..kan ngah dah cakap tadi
me: ger..sebut lah betul2 siket (haha..teringat pulak selalu kena tegur tuk open my mouth wider so that my words can be pronounced and be heard more clearly time asasi dulu~ thanks to azahari (aka panda?apakah?!~wonder where he is now?)

~~after several hours

me: *yawns* byknya kereta!

stops and ends everything here :P lazy to type in anything else

apa2 pon to everyone who tried to join that something, somewhere to help..although unsuccessful in going there and helping out..i'm sure that all your efforts are not in vain as HE looks at our nawaitu..alangkah pemurahnya DIA..segala niat yg baik walaupon belum atau tidak dilakukan coz ada halangan diganjari dgn pahala..but not likewise with dosa aka:sins, dimana ianya hanya akan diberikan seandainya perkara itu dilakukan...lagi pon as i always remind myself, pasti ada hikmah disebalik segalanya..(wouldent dare to imagine what would happen if one of hanan's friend didnt accidently left her handphone in the car or if we had dropped the girls and left them to walk all the way to somewhere earlier~the night holds lot of mysteries ne..)

1 + 1 = 2


[get organized + kem i love islam 2 = 2 events]

yosh..just came home from hearing a talk titled (1) 'get organized'..
so without further ado here's my list (its short because i'm suddenly sleepy right now)..

[ ] finish updating this post (its been a draft for quite a while~ cause: tangguhtangguh + malas nak upload gambar ~ tapi nak wat gak, hehe)

[ ] wash my bag (better do this early in the morning)

[ ] clean house + room and all the usual stuff yadayadayada..

[ ] renew my driving license..i say, dah lama dah lesenku mati

[ ] get some shut eye....zzzzzzzzzzz

before i go further here's one of the vids shown during the talk..

moving on, lets keep everything short and sweet...

(2) kem i love islam siri 2 (21,22,23 December 09)

day 1
~ the kids went creative and did some animal origami's + baked kek batik and also made some delicious looking chocolate cornflake tit-bits.

gambar x banyak. reason: i was'nt officially a facilitator today or to be exact i wasn't even around. reason: baru sampai JB yesturday. reason: urgh..I've got to stop giving reasons..

day 2 ~ they listened to a talk (not quite sure what the title is though) + played a crossword puzzle + became temporary actors or singers

day 3 ~ the trip..destination: pelabuhan tanjung pelepas + kota iskandar + a park located in mutiara rini (huhu,sorry park..i have absolutely no idea what your name is)

apeape pon this siri wasn't as tiring as the first (yg first memang terus collapse bila sampai rumah + nampak katil :P) ~ tp yg pasti mereka semakin nakal! (hum..mungkin dah tahu kakak ni x garang..hehehe,yeye je..x tunjuk taring coz bukan adik sendiri, but there where certain times when we needed to be a little harsh on them i.e bus nak berundur, merekamereka semua pulak berlarilari + berebutrebut untuk naik bus dulu..ayoyo..geramnye..(sabar hafsah sabar!!)...and also the time when they kept on playing + climbing although it had started to rain heavily.. oops..this is getting quite long..so i should S.T.O.P..stop, period.

now for the pictures ~ warning! there where too many pictures taken..so i had to pick several only (jenuhla nak upload kalau nak upload sume) ~ i took too many, terkejut dibuatnya when i saw the number of shots taken while transferring the pictures to kak yati's laptop..total number? 444 shots on day 3

yosh...dah siap..so finally i can check this out..

[ / ] finish updating this post ~ yup, done..done!

~shuts down computer and goes to sleep...nite

p/s: thanks lots zainab for taking some pictures :)



~reached school..

~ debaran.debaran.debaran

~bagaimana keputusan, bang oii?(or should i call him 'dik' oii?)- gembira?bahagia?..senyuman yang sungguh sukar untuk ditafsirkan

~balik..balik..ayuh balik


congrats to zaynab dan najihah ~ 8A's (keputusan dibocorkan oleh dalilah :P)
congrats also to dalilah ~ 9A's!

mak long called, nizam got 8A's ~ congrats bro!

and congrats also to all the PMR achivers...

apaapa keputusan yang diperolehi pasti ada hikmahnya..
kepada yang telah berusaha, teruslah berusaha lagi, kerana kekadang its not always the result that matters but its the effort we took to achieve it...
this is because satisfaction comes when we know that we have given our best..
lagipun dah berusaha, dan dah tawakal so sekarang the only thing to do is pasrah dan redha dengan takdirNya..
kepada yang x berusaha pula, x heranla kalau x dapat apa yang diimpi-impikan (ke x pernah bermimpi untuk dapat apaapa?~pergh, tajam betul katakata ni)..
apaapa pon kalau dah sedar berubahlah, kerana masih ada masa..its still not the end of the world..
lagipon walt disney pon ada berkata dalam movie meet the Robinsons...
"Keep moving forward"..
Failure is NOT about falling down but it's about refusing to get up.

p/s: 18 students achieved 9A's in SMIH this year ~ congrats again

..ok, now lets move on to another post :)

back to school ~


PMR results out today!! (24/12/09)

off to school~nak tengok keputusan adik lelaki seorang ni..samaada dia dpt kalahkan kakakkakaknya ataupun tidak..jengjengjeng

jom ke sekolah ~ nak snapsnap lagi

p/s: i'll upload pictures of kem i love islam siri 2 later..adios

:: invitation ::


just want to spreed an invitation received from kak erwin..


(for girls only~sorry guys)

program remaja interaktif


free bolling + macam2 lagi activiti

t-shirt dan makanan (for the first 300 participants)

tempat~ tingkat 4 boling megalanes, plaza alam centrel shah alam

8.30am - 6.00pm

anjuran~ kerajaan negeri selangor dengan kerjasama MBSA

if interested~ hantarkan nama penuh, alamat asal, no ic dan hp nombor berserta saiz baju ke:

0133827273 atau 0355104611 - rin (urusetia program)

pendaftaran: 8.30-10 pg, 27/12/09