last Saturday..

rehlah fi...

~for those who have to squirt to see, it says: taman pertanian Malaysia,bukit cahaya

ok, its my first time here..so i was eager to explore everywhere..
i became tired (i choose the bike over the bus ride :) ), but still im glad i choose the bike (lama x naik..yg ada kat rumah dah lama pancit,and is a little small for me now :P)..
and was also disappointed~ there wasn't any mushrooms! where it says that there is!..and i didn't get to go to many places!~the orchid area! the rempah ratus!..flying fox!, and kayak! just to name a few..all due to the lack of time (note to self: go in the morning next time, ne..)

it costs RM3.oo per entry ~ the fee for the four season house was also RM3.oo, the bike?~ RM5.oo for the new ones and RM3.oo for the rusted ones (note: RM1.oo will be charged for additional hours added)

~my red bike,new?..urm..what do you think?

~the map: really do wish i could explore everywhere

~new housemates + old housemate + new friends

entered the 4 season house..it was currently winter there..

~tiny snowman with a funny nose..i should have advised them to replace it with a carrot

the temperature in the house was cold..but it just doesn't feel exactly as the temperature overseas, well it is human made, so who am i to complain..the temperature is the result of air conditioners~duh!~*whacks self* x kanlah salji turun kat sini..hujan air batu adalah

hafsah: x puas hati!x dpt bermain dgn snow! + x puas hati, as the wallpaper which was showing a white scenery is pealing off (really they really should give more proper maintenance to this place!!)

~~ate ABC after that..and now am suffering from it! *coughs* *coughs*


Nadiah::Syaimaa'::Hamizah said...


mesti la lain sejuk dia wan ..

tapi banyak sangat tak puas hati neh..apekah..

syafakillah to you..
yesterday ur sister hanan datang rumah ana. hehe. just to inform.

bile nak jumpa lagi nehh..